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At Confidence Aesthetics we offer non-surgical aesthetic treatments. We are fully insured, qualified, experienced and only use quality, UK based products.

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Pole2Pole Amateur & Professional Cup 2016 Newport Heat

IMG_20160429_132155_kindlephoto-7937471Spectators Ticket Click Here

Pole2Pole Cup Cheshire Heat 2016

Pole2Pole Cup 2016 Cheshire HeatSpectators Ticket Click Here

The Pole2Pole Mature Cup 2015 Results

Rebecca Taylor 1st Sian Evans 2nd Carlie Thompson 3rd

The Pole2Pole Doubles Cup 2015 Results

Natasha Medlin & Sophie Black 1st Emma Colsey-Nicholls & Gavin Colsey-Nicholls 2nd

The Pole2Pole Amateur & Professional Cup 2015 Results

Amateur: Anna Ackroyd 1st Victoria Sharman 2nd Holly Massingham 3rd Professional: Holly Munson 1st Helen Walker 2nd Ashleigh Claxton 3rd

British Isles Pole Dance Champion 2015 Results

Amateur: Sophie Eminson 1st Professional: Holly Munson 1st Leanne Davey 2nd Sabrina Taylor 3rd

Blackpool Pole Dancing Champion 2015 Results

Amateur: Sarah Roberts 1st Sophie Eminson 2nd Lucy Gazzard 3rd Professional: Sabrina Taylor 1st Tracey Ellwood 2nd Kiley Letch 3rd

European Pole Dance Champion 2015 Results

Professional: Joana Dinah 1st Agnès Boddaert 2nd Nadia Budurusi 3rd Champion of Champions: Belinda van Ommen 1st

Intercontinental Pole Dance Champion 2015 Results

Professional: Agnès Boddaert 1st Nadia Budurusi 2nd Champion of Champions: Belinda van Ommen 1st